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  • Investing ONLY $11. It's REALLY possible, check how:
  • checkJust JOIN the network (find out somebody who can invite you and pay the 11$ one time subscription fee)
  • checkEarn 1$ for any member registered "under" your position (downline) up to 10 levels!!! (this means potential earnings up to 12.000.000$+!!!)
  • checkGrow your network faster by becoming a GOLD member! Invite 5 members so to start earning a commission also from members invited by users on your UPLINE too.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightWhenever the system receives a payments it is AUTOMATICALLY and INSTANTLY forwarded to the members
  • keyboard_arrow_rightNo need to invite thousands of members: to maximize your INCOME just invite 5 members and then the network will work for you
  • checkNOT FOR ANYONE (closed group)
  • keyboard_arrow_rightNO ONE can register WITHOUT an INVITATION CODE: whoever you will refer will be 100% YOUR referred because they NEED and INVITATION CODE to JOIN this millionaire network (BTCPS)
  • keyboard_arrow_rightALL the transactions are CLEARLY POSTED in REAL TIME on the home page of BTCPS ( anytime the system sends a payments it is IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE to be CHECKED by ANYONE!
  • keyboard_arrow_rightThanks to the revolutionary "5x10" structure, each member can earn up to $12.2M!
  • checkEARLY JOINERS have higher probabilities to EARN!
  • keyboard_arrow_rightIf you join earlier than others, you'll be above other members, that is, you'll have higher chances to benefit from other users' children.
  • checkJoin BEFORE subscription fee INCREASES
  • keyboard_arrow_rightIf you join now you'll pay $10 + $1 and you’ll take 10% of whatever your children will deposit. In the future the $10 fee will be increased so the right and most profitable time to join is NOOOOOOOOOOW!


  • help_outlineWhat is BTCPS (

    BTCPS is a "donation" platform that allows ANYONE to create a PASSIVE INCOME source by referring new members in their downline!

  • help_outlineHow to JOIN the BTCPS network?

    To JOIN you NEED to be invited by any BTCPS member with an invitation code!

    The mandatory fields of the registration form are:
    - your BTC address (where the system will send your REWARDS)
    - invitation CODE

    Your email address is not mandatory, however it would be userful for you to receive notifications from the system.

    Once you fill the registration form you need to send a payment of $11: once the transaction is confirmed, your account will be automatically activated and the money will be automatically forwarded to the 10 members of your upline.

    NOTE: is STRONGLY recommended to save somewhere the LOGIN URL that the system will generate for you during the registration process!

  • help_outlineI lost my LOGIN URL. What to do?

    Don't worry!

    Your account will keep working normally. However you will not be able to check your own stats, on the DASHBOARD.

    The access to your account can NOT be RESUMED.

    Please save safely your LOGIN URL.

  • help_outlineIf I invite somebody, how can I be sure he/she is going to actually register with my INVITATION CODE?

    No one can register without an INVITATION CODE. Whoever you will invite MUST use YOUR INVITATION CODE

  • help_outlineHow can it be a PASSIVE INCOME if I have to invite somebody to earn revenues?

    Unlike other "similar" systems, BTCPS allow users be rewarded for each member registered in their downline, even if invited by somebody of your UPLINE!

  • help_outlineIt sounds good, but how exactly can "somebody from my UPLINE" can make me earn?

    There is a simple rule: each member can have maximum 5 members 1st Level.

    This means that if USER A invites 6 new members, the first 5 will be registered on 1st Level, while the 6th member will be registered on 2nd Level (under one of the first 5 users).

    Please check this example to better understand this concept:

    Mark invites 5 members (Bob, Luke, Robert, Donald and Manuel)
    (this means that now Mark will have 5 members on his 1st level)
    Mark invites also another member (Richard)
    (since each user can have maximum 5 members on 1st line, Richard will be automatically registered under one of the 5 members mentioned above...Richard will registered on Bob's downline and Bob will get the revenue, even if Richard was actually invited by Mark, which is the same person that invited Bob!)

  • help_outlineThat's COOL! But how is it possible? If nobody invites nobody how can the network grow?

    As soon as you register you are a SILVER member. The benefit of being rewarded by "UPLINE's invitations" is given ONLY to GOLD members!

  • help_outlineThis makes more sense, but how to become GOLD member then?

    To become GOLD member is very EASY: you just need to DIRECTLY invite at least 5 members. You can check your membership realtime status on the bottom of your DASHBOARD!

  • help_outlineHas the GOLD membership any expiration date?

    No, once you get the GOLD membership status it will be lifetime!

  • help_outlineI have MANY incoming payments which are pending since several hours. Is it ok?

    Sometimes, when BTC network is heavily congested, some payments might take longer, but DO NOT WORRY because it is just a matter of time! When a automatic payment is issued it CAN'T be cancelled!

  • help_outlineI read that each member can EARN up to $12M (twelve million USD) it true? How long might it take?

    If you consider that each member can get up to 5 member on his/her 1st level and each member will be rewarded for each NEW member until the 10th level...YES: you can earn more than 12 million USD! The time it will take depends, of course, on YOU: the more you will "take care" of your team, the faster it will grow!

  • help_outlineI see Admins are getting 1$ for each transaction! Are you using that money just to chill out?

    Ahahahaha! Than amount is NOT going to be used just to “chill out”, but also reinvested on BTCPS:

    - Servers
    - Maintenance / Improvements
    - Marketing!!!! → we are going to dedicate a huge amount of our commissions to promote the network, facilitating all the GOLD members to maintain a PASSIVE INCOME and get the BTCPS bigger and bigger!


  • help_outlineWhat is the best way to INVITE new members?

    There are many ways that people uses to INVITE new members:

    • keyboard_arrow_rightYou can start from your "social friends" and then check specific Facebook groups dedicated to MLM, MoneyMaking, Network Marketing and Bitcoin related groups
    • checkCHAT GROUPS (Telegram, for example)
    • keyboard_arrow_rightYou can either create new groups on Telegram and invite members (friends or whoever might be interested in making money!) to give support to who is already member and/or invite NEW members. Supporting the "OLD" members (who already joined BTCPS) is EVEN MORE IMPORTANT than invite new members!
    • keyboard_arrow_rightIf you are already having a DAILY INCOME from BTCPS, you might consider investing few dollars to speed up your "recruiting process" by promoting your INVITATION URL with platforms like:
    • arrow_right_altother BTC related advertising networks
  • help_outlineI already directly invited 5 members and I got the LIFETIME GOLD MEMBERSHIP. How can I speed up my income?

    Your income is already being generated by all the members belonging to your DOWNLINE and your UPLINE! However, if you are inpatient and want to accelerate the network's growth here are the TIPS we collected by some of our most active members:

    • checkSUPPORT THE MEMBERS YOU REFER (your downline)
    • keyboard_arrow_rightdon't leave the members you refer ALONE: open a group or a chat group where you can give them support and share with them your experience with BTCPS
    • keyboard_arrow_rightThe more people you invite the more you and the WHOLE network will EARN!
      But we are not only talking about the MONEY: by inviting new member you are not only helping yourself and your UPLINE (who actually invited you), but you are ALSO helping your DOWNLINE (all the members you invited already) and this will obviously have a positive impact on their INCOME and, accordingly, on their MOOD!


  • keyboard_arrow_right AUTOMATIC PASSIVE INCOME: Invite your friends and receive a commission everytime they (or their friends) sign up.
  • keyboard_arrow_right EXCLUSIVE SYSTEM: Someone invited you to benefit from this system. If you close this page you will not be able to come back and sign up.
  • keyboard_arrow_right 100% Instant & Safe: You receive your commission instantly to your Bitcoin address when someone pays.
  • keyboard_arrow_right Join NOW: late joiners earn less!
  • keyboard_arrow_right Pay $11: To be able to invite others and start Earning $$$$$! (This is why this system is Sustainable Forever)
  • keyboard_arrow_right Earn up to 12 MILLION USD investing just $11!